The dumb post

My mom wants me to write and i hate her right now. I hate typing and she doesn’t get it it’s not my fault how dumb writing is when your forced it’s supposed to came naturally not some dumb sh*t that your being pushed with  a guideline and a deadline your supposed to enjoy yourself not hate what you do and be told that’s the rules it’s about being happy hanging out with friends and doing the fun stuff, not this. Your always told how to live straight from birth not much freedom even summer brake when your trying to getting away from the pain and suffering forced almost every day known as school seven hours Monday – Friday the boring pain that it causes with small little pick me ups that help you get by but don’t matter in the long run you just go from life struggle to life struggle the little relief between freedom from school to a job you work your @$$ off for no raise nothing just trying to get by striving to be like those rich people who do a lot less now that their sitting  pretty with all the dough. but it’s those people those @$$holes who keep the money to them selves helping no one while everyone else struggles to get by sure they went through this to but that means they would understand and they should help the people going through that help make their lives a little easier but do they ever? no they never do.


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